What is is a global communication network clearinghouse that helps consumers easily locate information about energy efficiency rebates, incentives, products, services, and financing. This information is provided through a single web portal that networks to the nation's trillion dollar energy efficiency loans, product and service organizations, and program implementers. creates a critical and secure gateway which manages the data integrity for service providers who take advantage of wireless measurement and verification technology. At the same time greenNet provides a cost effective solution for energy efficiency program managers to collect and generate statistical program reporting information.

Certified Network of Providers:

Our Certified Contractor's Network consists of contractors who are specially trained professionals using approved greenNet™ technologies.

These certified contractors have agreed to allow Third Party Verification of their work ensures accuracy and qaulity of work. Certified Contractors can be easily identified by the customized greenNet™ patch on their uniform and Identification badge. 

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"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it."
— Lord Kelvin

History of

History and Milestones

Starting in the mid 90s, Eric Taylor, CEO of Enalasys Corporation recognized the need for a more structured, centralized and coordinated effort to address the energy and HVAC needs in the industry. His extensive experience with new technologies in the shipping industry is what stimulated his interest in the energy world. He developed and patented computer-based diagnostic equipment to assist technicians in the field to more accurately diagnose, repair and maintain HVAC equipment.

Eric recognized how current and coming technologies could allow for better coordination between all parties in the energy and HVAC industries. A key principle in his vision was the collection of digital data and its conversion into useful information had the potential to be transformed wherever it can occur.This was a recognized need and potential for the HVAC and Energy related industries. Eric knew the key value was in the “Proof of Service”.

Added stimulus for his thinking came in 2004 when PG&E launched an effort to oversee and verify the work contractors performed. It was referred to as Verification Service Providers.  Later that year, Charles Segerstrom (PG&E) issued the first real “request for proposal” to launch and test whether or not the Verification Service Providers program had merit.  From these humble beginnings it grew significantly. It was so successful with HVAC contractors and PG&E that it grew 2800% by 2008.  Enalasys and the other providers grew just as quick. Enalasys distinguished itself and drew national recognition in 2008 as the third fastest growing company in the US in the energy efficiency sector in the Inc 500 magazine listing. In that same listing Enalasys was ranked 44th overall for its exceptional growth.

In 2006, the State of California Energy Commission recognized and approved (by unanimous a vote) Enalasys Corporation as the first third party quality control program.  Not only was this a first for California, it was a first for the nation.

Over the years, Eric began sharing his thoughts with many industry leaders who now comprise much of the Enalasys executive team.  Through regular participation in industry workshops and committees, a concerted process to develop a single and coordinated platform that would serve the industry and all its participants in a clear and cohesive manner was developed.

During 2007, verification services grew into Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric territories. Late in 2007, Enalasys expanded into an all performance based agreement in Nevada with great receptivity and success. The model exceeded its established goals by generating 208% of its performance goals.

In 2008, Duane Larson of PG&E received an award at the national American Energy Service Providers convention in San Diego, California. The award recognized his accomplishments for the comprehensive HVAC programs he successfully implemented. The work in these programs was conducted by Enalasys Corporation, Proctor Engineering, and Verified Services.

In 2010, a coalition was formed by these three Verification Service Providers (VSPs) who had given birth to the VSP Industry. The California Public Utilities Commission recognizes VSP as a viable mass market delivery mechanism.

With the momentum of this short and successful history of development, the coalition of stakeholders is ramping for even faster growth. The brand was created to facilitate a memorable and broad concept that embraces the needs and objectives of consumers, contractors, utilities, building departments and other energy related industries. The™ web portal allows for people to readily receive and exchange proof of service information. A key objective is the website technologies and products offered will facilitate the developtment of specific long-term relationships between parties in the place of what has been an environment of transitory and intermittent transactions. This viable business model is launching across the US and is on its way to your State, your community and your neighbor.

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it."
— Lord Kelvin