Can you tell how much energy you are
using in a day, week, month or year?

Start seeing your energy efficiency status or receive efficiency alerts with the g-Meter™.


What is it?

g-Meter™ is a simple visual application that lets you see your home energy performance. Using zigbee technology, your computer receives data that shows you just how much energy you are using. In addition, the gMeter wants to send you information about how to improve your efficiency by replacing an air filter for your air conditioner, or turning off lights to conserve. When your meter goes into the red, the g-Meter™ will assess your energy usage and provide you easy ways on improving.

How do I get it?

g-Meter™ is not available anywhere else but through™. Sign up today and we can help you find a contractor in your area that is qualified to install a compatible g-Meter 3rd party Cost Device.

Before a user can view their energy data:

  • The user creates a FREE personal account [ sign up ].
  • Devices monitoring energy consumption are activated by a qualified contractor and subsequently authorized to upload data to g-Meter site.
  • The qualified contractor installs and completes the short enrollment process including testing and activation which sets up the g-Meter connection and allows the user to access their energy consumption data right from their account.
  • Activated devices then stream data to g-Meter Servers accessed from

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Why should I use it?

g-Meter™ is for anyone. Home owners and business owners alike. If you want to know how much energy you are using, then you will want to install the g-Meter™ Application.

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