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Air Conditioning Tune Up

tune up and save

greenNet Certified ContractorsDid you know that on average heating and cooling costs can contribute to about 46% of your total monthly energy bill?

Like your car, your Heating / Cooling System needs to be properly maintained each year to ensure it is working a peak energy efficiency. [ Learn more about energy improvements. ]

Save by tuning up your air conditioner and lower operating costs, improve comfort, speed up cool down time and increase the longevity of your air conditioner. greenNet certified contractors have been specially trained to identify heating and cooling related problems. Contact your local greenNet certified contractor today for special promotional offers to tune up your system.

Your contractor checks

  1. Whether your system has the correct amount of refrigerant “charge” needed to cool your home or business on warm days.
  2. Whether airflow through the duct system is being delivered effectively and adequately to the rooms or work spaces in a home or business.

What a tune up can do for you

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve indoor comfort
  • Speed up cool down of your home or business
  • Increase the longevity of equipment

Duct Testing & Sealing

tune up and save

greenNet Certified ContractorsSave money by having your air ducts tested and sealed

Studies indicate that 10-30% of heated or cooled air that travels through an air conditioning system is lost through leaky ducts. How do you know if you have leaky ducts? Here are the symptoms:

Some signs that you may have leaky, poorly insulated, or inefficient ducts:

  • You have high summer and winter bills
  • You have rooms that are difficult to heat and cool
  • You have stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable
  • Your ducts are located in an attic, unfinished basement, crawlspace or garage
  • You find disconnected, tangled or kinked ducts in your system

greenNet certified contractors have been specially trained to identify leaky ducts that are improperly sealed. Contact your local greenNet certified contractor today for special promotional offers to test and seal your ducts properly.


g-Meter™ Energy Monitoring & Appliance Control


Before a user can view their energy data:

  • The user creates a personal account [ sign up ].
  • Devices monitoring energy consumption get activated by a qualified contractor and subsequently authorized to upload data to g-Meter application.
  • The qualified contractor installs and completes the short enrollment process including testing and activation which sets up the g-Meter connection and allows the user to access their energy consumption data right from their account.
  • Activated devices then stream data to g-Meter Servers accessed from with a simple click of a button.

Put g-Meter to work for you

Manage your energy consumption on your home computer.

Using standard Third party Devices, wireless technology and Enalasys monitoring systems, consumers are provided with rate information based on their load during various times of the day allowing them to manage their energy usage and expenses.

Consumers are alerted to system inefficiencies at which time they can contact their contractor to schedule maintenance.

3rd Party Gateway Device Integration Requirements

Works with Zigbee® communications protocol. The Zigbee® gateway provides flexibility ensuring that customers are able to add additional monitoring technologies as they become available.

Submit your 3rd Party Device to greenNet to be used with the g-Meter Visual Interface.

Live Energy Feed, Email Alerts and Mobile SMS Alerts

Customers can make adjustments based upon live SMS or email alerts to help conserve energy. The g-Meter allows the user to take advantage of new energy saving opportunities to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their utility costs.

Control Multiple Electrical Circuits

The g-Meter Interface provides multi-circuit control with live feedback allowing a consumer to take immediate action and to see immediate results.


greenNet Certified ContractorsAn adaptive climate response system that will better maintain the comfort of your home and save energy.

The ComfortPulse uses patented Optical Programming™ to make fan motors run up to 75% more efficient by running at variable speeds that deliver significant systemwide energy savings. It helps to provide a healthy home by continuously circulating air to keep more balanced air temperatures.

greenNet certified contractors have been specially trained to install this device. Contact your local greenNet certified contractor today for more information on the ComfortPulse.

Energy Rewards - Coming Soon

energy rewards

greenNet Certified ContractorsReceive EnergyRewards™ on the spot. Your Instant Issue Prepaid Debit MasterCard® is the key to receiving energy rebates and other special offers with no wait. You’ll receive a re-loadable debit card called the Energy Rewards Card from your contractor when service or work is completed in your home.

Rebates on the card become available immediately upon activation and the card can be used anywhere major credit or debit cards are accepted. Get your free Energy Rewards Card today by signing up on

This card is issued by University Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard® International Incorporated.
MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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