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Have you been wondering how to get more involved in the energy efficient movement but not sure where to begin? greenNet is the answer!

Get started today and help your customers save 25% or more in energy and at the same time increase your profitability.

Don't let others beat you to the gold mine of customer and contractor rebates before they disappear! By joining forces with us we'll show you how to grow your business with NO franchise fees.

Becoming a Certified Service Provider

certified IconTo become a greenNet Certified Service Provider, you must be an active licensed contractor and meet state insurance and bonding requirements.This information will be confirmed upon completion of your subscription process.

In addition, you or a technician from your company must be trained by greenNet on the specific product or service for which you would like to be certified.  If the training course is successfully passed, you will receive your certification for that specific product or service and that certification will be valid for two years.

To maintain certification upon expiration, you must retest for the product or service.  If the test is passed then certification will be extended for an additional two years.  If the test is not passed, then you or the technician must repeat the certification training program successfully.    

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New Products, Services and Profits!

As a greenNet™ contractor, you have the opportunity to experience at a pace that suits you and your business.


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