Why Partner

Get Your Program off the Ground

As a partner of greenNet you will join other utilities, municipalities, local governments, manufacturers and distributors in utilizing and reaping the benefits offered and become an industry leader.

Once you are a greenNet Partner and register your company profile, it will be added to our greenNet database. Your profile will be instantly available online and accessible by all utility program managers, contract/subcontract administrators, customers, manufacturers, distributors, and local governments.

Enalasys Corporation is a leader in designing, implementing and managing effective and innovative energy efficiency programs. Through established partnerships, Enalasys understands the goals and objectives of managing energy efficiency programs overall. By becoming a greenNet partner and utilizing our services, your industry has the opportunity to stand out as a leader in the following areas:

  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Program Development and Measurement Evaluation
    • Database Management
  • Contractor Training and education

Join today and let us help you manage and grow your programs to be the most successful in the nation!

Contact Tom Morrison for details about how to get started.

Energy Management Tools

Manage your Product or Program easily from anywhere

  • Track your Programs Financials and more
  • List and track a product that you sell or distribute
  • Offer Building Permits that stay in compliance with State Regulations
  • and much more in the works...

Connect with your Customers

Make a direct connection to Contractors, Home Owners and Business Owners in our Network and in yours.

Our unique Customer Connect Tool allows you to submit advertisements and more.

Contact us for more details on this tool. More information will be available soon.

Marketing Services

Show your commitment to improving energy efficiency by working with local contractors, OEMs, manufacturers and distributors in providing energy saving opportunities to your customers.