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Effortless A/C Upgrades: State-Funded for Ultimate Comfort

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Experience the benefits of GreenNet's state-approved HVAC enhancements, including automatic air filter changes, real-time HVAC optimization, and rebate notifications. Secure your spot, receive a free starter kit, and schedule an audit walkthrough to qualify

Reserve Your Free Starter Kit and Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Getting the Runaround?

  • Is your contractor charging for actual problems?
  • Are the repairs necessary?
  • Are issues actually being fixed?
  • Do you remain uncomfortable despite the repairs?
  • Is your system truly beyond repair?
  • Did your contractor inform you that California law requires a permit for a new system?
  • Did you know duct testing, sealing, and computer-based refrigerant charging qualify by law for HVAC system upgrade rebates?

Sleep Comfortably and Soundly Knowing: GreenNet Tests and Verifies Your HVAC System for Life at No Charge Using Your Public Benefits

  • Never worry about your air conditioner breaking down.
  • Never have to schedule maintenance again.
  • Breathe cleaner air without your having to change filters.
  • Never haggle with contractors again.
  • Never unknowingly break the law again.

Reserve Your Free Starter Kit and Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Authorize GreenNet to Work with Your Utility on Your Behalf

Allow GreenNet to access your utility bills, diagnose your system, and coordinate licensed contractors to fix your A/C

Schedule a GreenNet Energy Audit for Your Home or Business

Discover rebates and incentives: identify energy-saving solutions beyond your A/C system

Reserve Your Free Starter Kit and Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Provide Comfort and Happiness to Your Loved Ones and Employees

Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted comfort and clean air

"At first, I was skeptical, anticipating the usual runaround and a hefty bill with no guarantee that the problem with my A/C was fixed. However, GreenNet exceeded my expectations. The service was excellent—they used wireless diagnostic tools, printed out a detailed report, and recommended a certified contractor who I could trust. Knowing that my local utility would cover the diagnostic cost made the experience even better. "

Annette Benton - El Centro California
Home Schooling Mom

Your Path to Comfort and Trust

At GreenNet, we know you want comfort at home and at your business without high energy bills. To achieve this, you need a reliable and honest HVAC system diagnosis. The problem is that contractors generally lack an objective way to pinpoint issues, leaving you worried about being taken advantage of. We believe in honest, fact-based business. We understand your frustration and mistrust in getting accurate HVAC diagnostics and repairs. That's why we invented and patented the Honeywell eScan, an MRI for your HVAC system. Our technology has diagnosed and verified over 1 million air conditioners and processed over $139 million in rebates. Remember, we work for you, not the utility or HVAC contractor


After the Energy Audit, we install a free runtime meter to benchmark your A/C—funded by Public Benefits


15 days after your benchmark, your Energy Advisor uploads a free report to your GreenNet dashboard and discusses energy savings options, including rebates and low-cost service by a certified GreenNet contractor


Afterward, receive personalized support, appliance fault reviews, HVAC alerts, and rebate notifications via our GreenNet GO app. Your energy savings and public benefits cover the costs, putting money back in your pocket

Become an Energy Star in Your Community

Tell me again what GreenNet is


State-Backed Financing Beyond Rebates

GreenNet Capital Resource offers loans up to $50K at 4% interest for home energy efficiency upgrades and up to $1M for business energy efficiency projects. Use 30% of the loan to start your GreenNet Express business, fund home projects, pay off high-interest credit cards, or take a vacation. The best part? Saved energy pays for it all. Ask your energy advisor for details.

Run a Dream Business from Home and Enjoy Success with More Family Time

Transform your home into an energy-saving sanctuary and Garden of Eden. Use it as a showcase and help friends, neighbors, and your community do the same. Claim your territory now and start a successful family-based business you never imagined possible. Earn a Certificate in Master Conservation Administration. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!


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What Is the Honeywell eScan Computerized Diagnostic Test?

Meet the Visionaries from 2001: Featuring the distinguished Honeywell-Enalasys executive team behind the pioneering eScan V.1. From top left: Steve Arnholt, Michael Bash, Jim Carr, Mike Davis, Michael Cogbill, Scott Demoulin; and from bottom left: Lee Boothby, Albrect Weiss (Honeywell President), Eric Taylor, Enalasys CEO and Jay Shrankler. (Click On The Video on The Picture Below)


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