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Effortless A/C Upgrades: State-Funded for Ultimate Home and Business Comfort

Join Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers with GreenNet

Experience the benefits of our state-approved HVAC enhancements, including automatic air filter changes, real-time motor optimization, and rebate notifications. Secure your spot, receive a free starter kit, and schedule an audit walkthrough to qualify

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Getting the Runaround?

  • Is your contractor charging for actual problems?
  • Are the repairs essential?
  • Are the issues being effectively fixed?
  • Do you remain uncomfortable despite the repairs?
  • Is your system truly beyond repair?
  • Did your contractor inform you that California law requires a permit for a new system?
  • Did you know duct testing, sealing, and computer-based refrigerant charging are required by law to qualify for HVAC system upgrade rebates?

At GreenNet, sleep soundly knowing we test and verify 100% of your system for life

  • Never worry about your air conditioner breaking down.
  • Never have to schedule maintenance again.
  • Breathe cleaner air without having to change filters.
  • Never haggle with contractors again.
  • Never unknowingly break the law again.

Reserve Your Free Starter Kit and Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Schedule Your Independent Home or Business Energy Audit

Arrange a thorough walk-through with an independent Energy Advisor, officially recognized by your local utility

What to Expect During Your Energy Audit

Discover available rebates and incentives, identify energy-saving solutions, set up potential Honeywell eScan tests, and get competitive upgrade bids—all with no out-of-pocket costs, covered by your Public Benefit fund

Reserve Your Free Starter Kit and Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Delight Your Loved Ones and Employees

Enjoy 24/7 Uninterrupted Comfort and Clean Air

"My air conditioning was as broke as broke could be. Not only was it broke, but it choked with glee. I’d get so mad at my husband Bill, who wouldn't vacuum his room, dusting was nil. He acts like he's 90, with dust everywhere, like Linus from Charlie Brown, but with the hair. GreenNet fixed it all, no more fuss or moat. Thank heaven for seven-eleven, they all went to heaven in a little row boat"

Joan Warder, Charleston
Agent of Change

Building a Greener Future: Reducing the Need for New Power Plants

Retrofitting, Optimizing, and Maintaining 6 Million HVAC Systems by 2030 to Drive Energy Efficiency and Sustainability By retrofitting, optimizing, and maintaining 6 million existing and newly installed HVAC systems by 2030, our mission is to significantly decrease the demand for new power plants, leading to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Unlocking Your Public Benefits Since 2006

When California's public benefit funds began to be collected on every utility bill, our founder and CEO, Eric Taylor, was pioneering the first and only fully automated third-party control program in the state. Approved unanimously by all five California Energy Commissioners, we remain dedicated to ensuring you benefit from these funds. Supported by utilities like SoCal Gas, PG&E, SCE, SDGE, LADWP, SMUD, and IID, GreenNet has optimized over 1.4 million ACs, processed $139 million in rebates, and served half of California's schools. Now, we're ready to offer you these trusted HVAC solutions and services, completely paid for by your utility collected public benefit tax fund.

What Is the Honeywell eScan Computerized Diagnostic Test?

Meet the Visionaries from 2001: Featuring the distinguished Honeywell-Enalasys executive team behind the pioneering eScan V.1. From top left: Steve Arnholt, Michael Bash, Jim Carr, Mike Davis, Michael Cogbill, Scott Demoulin; and from bottom left: Lee Boothby, Albrect Weiss (Honeywell President), Eric Taylor, Enalasys CEO and Jay Shrankler. (Click On The Video on The Picture Below)


Go Green with Your New A/C: Lifetime Care and Warranty at No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Upgrade stress-free with GreenNet’s free lifetime monitoring and service support. We handle permitting, inspections, contractor coordination, and offer solar upgrades—maximize your savings with available public benefits.

Become an Energy Star in Your Community

What is GreenNet?


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